by Barry Poulsen

The club was started in 1979 by the Ashburton Baptist Church.

Mrs Angie Carter and Mr Bill Parry commenced with 1 team entered into the Eastern Suburbs Churches Association.

In the mid 80’s there was a major increase in the number of junior teams and the club also started a senior team.

In the mid 90’s due to wider community involvement the name of the club changed to the Ashburton Soccer Club Inc. and the club joined the Victorian Soccer Federation at both junior and senior competitions.

From the late 90’s the participation of women gradually increased.

We are one of the most unique soccer clubs catering for youngsters at Goalkick level as well as offering FFV Metropolitan Leagues for outdoor soccer from April to September and Victorian Futsal (5 a side) for indoor soccer from September to December.

Currently Ashburton uses 5 separate grounds due to the huge increase in junior and women's teams in recent years.

Much credit must go to other original community members along side Angie and Bill: Richard Shaw, Charlie Brady, Peter Leaver, Jenny Check, Ian Haviland, Alister Paton and Barry Poulsen.